Sunday, March 13, 2011

some life again

its been a while since i did life drawing, i've been preoccupied in animation world with Sid the Killer, and freelance stuff. felt great tho, i think my earlier drawings were more successful than the "in the groove ones" which i'm not showing.

Also here's a picture of malcolm x i did back on malcolm x blvd. found it recently in an old sketchbook.


This was an awesome time.
the first day i went out to draw, i was sketching by a fountain, and some drunk guy with beer glasses, a boa and a smelly breath payed me 20 bucks for a portrait, which i don't think was very good, but he was very drunk. wish i had a picture of it for you to judge, but my phone was lost on an indian burial ground, so only the spirits will know the truth.
i didn't get to draw much, was too busy watching boobs and bands. two of note: Sweet Street Symphony does an awesome rendition of "walk like you and talk like you" from the jungle book.
and Tuba Skinny was also great.

china shipping boat in the port


here is some snapshots of artwork from my trip to morocco.
sand dunes in essouara
abstracted buildings in chefchaouen, the blue city
boats in oualidia

oualidia fisherman
i think this is chefchaouen again
erin doing some good reading

this boy was one of the only people that didn't try and sell me something. he's sixteen, and is a berber living in the desert town of essouara. if you ever go, consider riding his camels.


hi everyone, this is day 1 of my new blog. you might be asking,,, "why?"

well, the reason is because 1, my old blog isn't linked to gmail and it was getting annoying to having to be always signing in out of things, and was causing me to dislike the whole procedure.

and 2, i am no longer about anthropic pastoral, i am about the future. because the future is awesome

for all of my previous work, please sea

thanks for sticking with me, i'm bout to post some sh** up right about now...